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28 May 2009

the BUSIEST you are, the MORE TIME you have!


People always tend to claims that themselve is busy enought untill cannot do some other thing. Lets we focus in the contacts of student. Yes, student. Normally the common excuses they given is a lot of assigmnet to be done untill cannoy commit with other job. Fuhh, bored to hear such a thing somtimes. However, bare in your mind, the busiest never end till you die and you cannot give the same reason all the time.

When we discus about time, yeah my mind mess up already, of course with lots of thing need to done that required high commintment. Otherwise, I could be simply surrender.


People always said, you have to know how to manage your time wisely. But, no matter how good or bad you are, the time it self never change. It will always be 24hours per day! Never ever change. Right? So, the problem is not time management, but SELF MANAGEMENT. The poor self management will lead you into under stress, why? Because of limited of time.

What is the normal thing we will do? Last minute work. Is it? Yes! Including myslef, such a poor self management. The problem occur when you keep delaying your work untill at the edge of time. When it is become last minute, the quality of work confirm will be decrease. You cannot perform well due to limited time contrains. Time, will be like a swords that will cut your neck. Really? Yes it is.


In Islam it self, already given the guide line and the perfect example perform by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. In term of punctuality and promises to other people is require for a muslim to done it. Only with Iman in heart accompany will let us to be easy to manage our self.


I just want to say, how busy I am nowadays, with al ots of assignment and obstacle came accrossss my life.. I am tired enough,maybe. A lots of thingsss that need to be done, need to be fulfill, need to pay attention, need to be clarify, need to be answer, need to be take care, need to be watching.

Owh~~ I cannot carry the weight of the heavy WORLD! I just feel like I cant face it. I am totally drowning. Luckly I have friends to be by my side. Shes borrow her shoulder for me to cry own, a ear to hear, a heart to feel and to share my burden. I don't like to feel and to be alone. Just for certain time, but the rest, I really need somebody or someone to accompany me, to be by myside, to hold my hands while I lost... And only Allah s.w.t will be with me in every single time.. Just I myself that frequently forget Him. But He Never forget me. I am really ungratefull. Fariha, who you are! Just a slave..

I felt really down for now.. Er, I need your shoulder now.. I just cannot bear it anymore. Today, the day the DAM break!

p/s: I just need some words to calm me down~


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